Value Statement
Working as part of an interprofessional health-care team, we aim to provide well-rounded and patient-centered care in the most efficient way possible. We hope to decrease the redundancy of health care and improve patient outcomes through our teamwork. 1) Provide Patient Centered Care 2) Work in Interdisciplinary Teams 3) Employ Evidence Based Practice 4) Provide Quality Information 5) Utilize Informatics
Course Info
The following courses are offered at Ohio University Interprofessional Rural Healthcare  Interprofessional Health Teams Each course is taught every semester, including during the summer session. All students are invited to take part in Interprofessional Education by simply getting in contact with one of the following individuals:  Dr. John McCarthy  | or Dr. Sherleena Buchman
Project Gallery
Click "Gallery" to view assignments that students complete while participating in the classroom-based Interprofessional Education course grouped by each of the 5 core competencies. Click on "Project Ideas" for assignment instructions centered on developing students' knowledge of the 5 core competencies.