Student work related to each of the five core competencies. Click on the thumbnail to view the project! For information related to project instructions, select “Project Ideas” from the main menu.


Core Competencies


Interdisciplinary Team

“What I Do” 
These memes were created by students within each profession to depict what they do as professions within their field.

“Word on the Street”
Students were instructed to conduct a brief survey about their profession with people on the street.



Patient-Centered Care

“Diabetes Assignment”
Interdisciplinary groups watched a case involving a patient with diabetes and engaged in discussion regarding patient-centered care. 


Quality Improvement

“Patient Safety Flyers”
Students created patient safety flyers related to each profession.

“Patient Safety Handouts”
These handouts include information about services offered by each profession and important safety precautions.


“Patient Safety Guidelines”
Students in each profession created guidelines for patient safety in their respective fields.



“Patient-Provider Apps”
This assignment required students to come up with an app to enhance patient-provider communication. The apps are explained below.