Interprofessional Health Care in Rural/Underserved Populations

Course Description

This is a course to enhance Interprofessional Health Science education involving future healthcare providers from multiple fields including: Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Medicine, Dietetics, Nursing, Child and Family Studies, and Social Work. The course is designed to align with the Institute of Medicine’s key core competencies of patient-centered care, informatics, interdisciplinary teams, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement. This course develops interdisciplinary teams with representatives from each participating field and requires them to collaborate to learn about how mobile technologies can enhance service provision and collaboration among healthcare providers. These learning experiences take the form of individual assignments and team-based assignments including: experiments with different apps and completion of case-based assignments.

Gallery: IHS 4510/ 5510
Below are pictures taken of students completing interprofessional scripts and simulations throughout the course.