Consumer Perspective

A picture of Noah Trembly. Noah Trembly is a specialist in voice output communication aids, an educator in the use of such devices, a speaker and a disabilities advocate. Mr. Trembly has utilized a speech generating device to communicate for over 20 years. He is a Technology and Accessibility Consultant at Ohio University. Mr. Trembly speaks publicly at schools and conferences on a variety of subjects related to overcoming the obstacles related to living with a disability. His experience includes self-advocacy with waiver programs to maintain independent living in his community as well as advocating through the state legislature to bring about positive changes for others with disabilities. He is a member of the Athens City Commission on Disabilities . Mr. Trembly founded and maintains private consultants through his own firm Noah Trembly Enterprises to empower consumers with disabilities to obtain needed services. Mr. Trembly resides in Athens, Ohio.

Here are some videos of Noah sharing his perspective: